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Equality and Peace: Practical Concerns and Future Outlook of Buddhism



1. Buddhism and Peace

2. Buddhism and Equality

3. Buddhism and Moral Principles

4. Buddhism and Human Rights

5. Buddhism and Education

6. Buddhism and the Arts

6. Buddhism in Daily Life

7. Buddhism in Inter-Faith Conversations


Submission Categories:






Registration Fee:

Submission of paper:  Free-of-charge

Observer:                      SGD 10


1. Expenses incurred from transport and accommodation are to be self-financed by each observer

2. Should the submitted work not be accepted for presentation, participants who has submitted a work can still attend

    the forum as an observer for free. However, expenses incurred from transport and accommodation are to be self-

   financed by each observer







Submission of paper/work is closed.




Registration as an observer closes on 30 August 2016.

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