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About the Forum

Since 2013, Fo Guang Shan (Singapore) has conducted two Buddhist Youth Forums. The forums aimed to promote academic exchanges between Buddhist youths and inspire them to research on the positive effects and application of Humanistic Buddhism on the modern society. Through increased awareness and understanding of Humanistic Buddhism, the forums envision the propagation and continuation of Buddhism by young Buddhists; enhancing one’s morals and eventually, building a conducive and harmonious nation and society 


The number of papers submitted over the past forums increased significantly, with a remarkable improvement in the quality of work. In view of Singapore’s local culture, the Buddhist Youth Forum has been embracing a bilingual approach and has been holding both English and Chinese presentations and dialogue sessions concurrently. This allows participants of different nationalities and educational backgrounds to engage and learn from one another on the same academic platform. Being an international forum, we have had presenters and observers from different parts of the world, including Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Myanmar and China.

After four successful forums, our 5th Humanistic Buddhism Youth Forum themed “Faith and Legacy” will focus on the discussion about our faith in our ever-changing and fast paced society. Here, we think about how it is crucial for Buddhism to keep up with the times while we reflect on and strengthen our faith. At the same time, we can also rethink into how we can leave behind a legacy for our future generations.

Among the numerous submissions made by youths around the continent this year, we have fourteen Chinese papers and eight English papers selected to be presented during our 5th Humanistic Buddhism Youth Forum, which will be happening from 21st to 22nd September 2019 at Fo Guang Shan (Singapore).

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