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Buddha's Light Association (Singapore) Young Adult Division (YAD) is an International Association under the umbrella of the Buddha's Light International Association.


It was inaugurated on 24 March 1996 in Hsi Lai Temple at Los Angeles, California, USA. In less than six years, it had set up one hundred and eight branches world wide, mobilizing and motivating the local youths to shoulder the task of propagating the Dharma.


With the objective of promoting Venerable Master Hsing Yun's philosophy of 'Humanistic Buddhism', Fo Guan Yuan (Singapore) was set up on 8 December 1996. Her YAD was set up within a month. Thereafter, YAD Singapore was officially inaugurated by Ven Master Hsing Yun on 1 March 1997 in Fo Guan Shan (Taiwan).


Keeping the objectives of the Young Adult Division in mind, YAD Singapore upholds the task to promote Buddhism to the local youths. In the past, we have organized many activities like: 'Book Reading Club for the Youth'; Seminar on the 'Development of the Buddhist Youths'; 'Team Building Camp'; 'Family Telematch' etc. Through these activities, we wish to promote 'Humanistic Buddhism' to the youths so as to lead them to be able to practise Buddhism in their daily lives. This way, the youths will be able to walk the correct path and lead a better life.

We also hope that the YAD would be able to unite the Buddhist Youths for mutual spiritual supports and to contribute to the well being of the country.

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